Reprise EOQ webinar; IKEA – Creating Quality For the Many People

EOQ WEBINAR – reprise, (videoopptak fra EOQ Webinar 4.mars)
Tid: Teams tirsdag 13. april kl 11:00 (ca 50 min)

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Vi har herved gleden av å kunne tilby våre medlemmer mulighet for å delta i fagsamlinger og webinar i EOQ regi.
Kvalitet og Risiko Norge har sin internasjonale nettverksforankring i den europeiske kvalitetsforeningen EOQ. Lenke til Teams møte sendes påmeldte og vil også bli lagt tilgjengelig her.

  • EOQ webinar; Quality Management IKEA
    13 april, 2021
    11:00 - 11:50

IKEA is a production-oriented retailer and together with our partners in more than 50 countries, we turn a dream into reality for many people. We own our products and we set the requirements to meet the toughest demands (more..)



Quality is subjective and different for everybody and it is defined by our customers. It’s about forming emotional bonds and sharing how we feel. It’s about attention to the smallest of details and creating a feeling of being cared for. It’s about trust. IKEA’s vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. It is about our unique experience of Life at Home and our range, our identity. We stand up for quality at a low price, that is affordable for every customer. But how? We have a unique approach called democratic design. With this approach, we ensure that our customers will be left in no doubt that with IKEA, they can have it all – form, function, sustainability, and quality – all at a price they can afford.

IKEA is a production-oriented retailer and together with our partners in more than 50 countries, we turn a dream into reality for many people. We own our products and we set the requirements to meet the toughest demands in countries around the globe. At the same time, we understand that quality demands are continuously changing, with even higher expectations year on year. We are curious and we connect with the customer to learn what is important for them, regardless if they live their life in New York, Delhi, Shanghai, or Älmhult.

We have during the last year been through a journey to look at quality with fresh eyes. How to go from controlling the quality to secure that we develop and embed quality in the daily business. The quality mindset that: “Every customer counts, every product counts, I am responsible- I care”  has helped us during the last year in the pandemic reality to continue to operate and to deliver products with better quality than ever.

We know that in every moment that our customers experience IKEA, we leave footprints with them that will influence their overall quality perception and we hope we will do the same with you.


Chris Bird, Global Quality Compliance Manager in IKEA Purchasing Services Poland sp z o o is part of the Global Purchase and Logistic Area Management and has the responsibility to lead and develop the quality agenda for IKEA’s 24 sites around the world where IKEA supplies is located. Chris has 27 years of experience in Production, Quality, and Project Management with the last 13 years being with IKEA. He has been working in the precision Engineering, Electronic components, and plastic injection molding industry and is currently in Home Furnishings. He holds a B.Eng (Hons) Manufacturing Management gained at the University of Salford and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.



Christina Freij Larsson, Global Purchasing & Logistics Area Manager in IKEA Supply AG is part of IKEA Supply Management and has the responsibility for IKEA’s 24 sites around the world where IKEA supply is located. Christina has more than 30 years’ experience in product development, quality, and production in leading positions, the last 10 years with IKEA. She has been working in the pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, and consumer goods industries and gain experience from different business environments. During the year she has built and directing organizations in different countries on 3 continents; the US, EU, and Asia. She has a Ph.D. degree in polymer chemistry and an MSc Chemical engineering degree from Lund University in Sweden

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