What about Quality 4.0!?! Free webinar for EOQ /QRN Members

We gladly invite you to a free webinar the 15 March, 15.00-17.00 (CET). A TEAMs invitation will be sent to you separately.

European Organization for Quality and Swedish Association for Quality welcomes you to listen and discuss with international experts how digital technology, ”Quality 4.0”, can improve your quality work.

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Kvalitet og Risiko Norge har sin internasjonale nettverksforankring i den europeiske kvalitetsforeningen EOQ.

Vi har herved gleden av å kunne tilby våre medlemmer mulighet for å delta i fagsamlinger og webinar i EOQ regi.


What about Quality 4.0!?!

15 March @ 15:00 – 17:00

European Organization for Quality and Swedish Association for Quality welcomes you to listen and discuss with international experts how digital technology, ”Quality 4.0”, can improve your quality work.

Our group of experts will answer questions from you and a panel, related to the Quality 4.0 concept, and by that give an update on where the research stands today. The members of the expert group consisting of academics and managers who work with the conceptual development and implementation of Quality 4.0.
It is now high time that quality professionals use the digital technological possibilities to move forward to next step. The paradigm shift in digital technology means major revolutions in many areas and with the right approach also for Quality work. It is not possible to have a complete overview of what its consequences will be, and many ask themselves:

“What do I, as a Quality Professional, have to learn and do in order to take care of all the opportunities the digitalization brings?”

In this first step the expert group will elaborate on the questions:
– What is Quality 4.0?
– Why apply Quality 4.0?
– When should Quality be 4.0 applied?
– How should Quality 4.0 be implemented?’
– Where can Quality 4.0 give value?
– Who is driving the Quality 4.0 concept?

Read more about our Expert group: Who is who? and what is their view of the core of Quality 4.0.

REGISTER , join us in this free Webinar 15 March, 15.00-17.00 (CET) and get an answer to your specific questions about Quality 4.0.

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Date:   15 March
Time:  15:00 – 17:00
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